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1. How can I register for the race?

1) Choose a stage and a distance on the event website

2) Click “Register”

3) Enter your login and password to log into your personal profile (if you have participated in our events before)

4) Click “Enter”

Please, notice! If you haven’t participated in our events before, you will have to click “Register” and provide your personal information. We will email you your login and password to access your personal profile if your registration is successful.

2. How can I make the payment?

According to the “Rules of Run Ukraine 2022”, the race participants pay the entry fee by electronic payment on the organizer’s website.

The payment service is provided by the Interbank system of electronic invoice delivery and payment using a modern and secure payment card authorization mechanism. Payment card details are entered on the website in a secure mode and are not available to employees.

3. What are the courses within the race?

The race includes the following courses:

  • 10 km
  • 21 km
  • free distance

4. How long will the RENOVATION RUN 2022 ONLINE race last?

Currently, the following stages of the Race are planned:

5. When does the registration for the race end?

Registration for the stages of the race will be closed according to the time of completion of each stage. Registration in stages will continue in the following periods:

6. Where and when can I run the race?

This is an online race. Each participant has to choose a convenient day, time, route, and place of the race for themselves.

7. Where should I send the race results?

Record your running result in any tracking application and send the result to [email protected]

8. Where will the money received for registration go?

70% of the income from the registration fee for the Race will be sent to the charity fund DOBROBAT ( DOBROBAT is a volunteer construction battalion (Lazar Charitable Foundation).

9. When will the money from the contributions be transferred to charitable foundations?

The funds will be transferred to the account of the charity foundation after the registration of each 300 participants.

10. How can I help and make a donation if I have no opportunity to run now?

You can support our initiative and make a separate charitable contribution by purchasing a special certificate in our shop:

11. Is it possible to use cashback from my Run Ukraine account when registering for the race?

No. Cashback does not apply to the RENOVATION RUN 2022 ONLINE race, as it is a charity project.

12. Will I receive cashback to my Run Ukraine account when registering for the race?

No. There is no cashback for registering for the RENOVATION RUN 2022 ONLINE.