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RENOVATION RUN 2022 ONLINE. De-occupation: new stages for the reconstruction of the liberated cities of Izium and Balakliia

Dear friends, the Run Ukraine team announces the opening of two new stages in the updated series RENOVATION RUN 2022 ONLINE. De-occupation.

Together, we will run and collect funds for the urgent reconstruction of the de-occupied Ukrainian cities of Izium and Balakliia of the Kharkiv region, which were recently freed from the russian occupiers.


On September 16, almost the entire Kharkiv region, which had been under occupation for more than 5 months, was liberated. The Armed forces of Ukraine conducted a lightning counteroffensive and drove the enemy from our land, but the liberated cities are completely destroyed, and law enforcement officers continue to record numerous war crimes committed by russians in these territories.

These cities need our help in the first place. Therefore, we continue to work to help those who need it. We are strong only together! And we have been heroically and courageously standing for more than 7 months! 7 months of full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. Together we will win and rebuild everything.


70% of the profit from each registration fee will be donated to the charitable partner of the race — Dobrobat volunteer building division, which helps Ukrainians affected by the war to restore and rebuild their homes.


RENOVATION RUN 2022 ONLINE. De-occupation begins with two stages:


Registration begins today, September 28, and will continue until the completion of each of the stages, respectively. To participate, you can choose distances of 10 km, 21 km, or Free distance (any distance you want to run or walk). The race will take place, as before, in an online format, so you can participate from anywhere in Ukraine and the world.

Each participant of each stage will receive a commemorative medal dedicated to the liberated cities.


Join the RENOVATION RUN 2022 ONLINE. De-occupation, choose your stage and let’s rebuild the cities of Ukraine and create the future together.

Let’s rebuild Ukraine together! 💙💛