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Eat, pray, run! Run the Naples Run on April 3–4, 2021!

Online race Naples Run will take you to the capricious and freedom-loving Naples. The pace of life in this city and the nature of its residents are very different from the image we have in our minds when we think of Italy. This is a city of mischief, a city of siesta. It has its own rules. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is its proximity to the active volcano Vesuvius. 


At the same time, the beauty of Naples is simply incredible. Even three marathon distances are not enough to run by all its architectural sights. But since ours is a virtual race, you can choose the ones you especially like, such as Piazza del Plebiscito, the Royal Palace and Castel dell’Ovo. 

By the way, Naples is the birthplace of pizza. In 1889, a few years after Naples became part of Italy, Queen Margherita of Savoy visited the city. The local pizza chef wanted to treat the queen with delicious food and at the same time pleasantly surprise her. So he created a pizza in the colors of the Italian flag (tomatoes + mozzarella + basil) and named it after the queen – Margherita. And we all know that this dish was liked not only by the queen.

Taste the life, embark on the adventure and run with Naples in your heart at the Naples Run on April 3-4! Do not forget to choose the distance and register.

Let’s discover the world together!


PLEASE, NOTICE! Participants who are abroad and plan to run the race outside of Ukraine will receive their start packs with a medal within 21 days AFTER the race regardless of their stage of registration. To get the start pack, the participant must email confirmation of their race distance (tracker screenshot or a link to the participant’s personal profile in a tracking program) to [email protected]


How it works:

  • choose your distance ― 10 km or 21 km;
  • register on the website;
  • receive your start pack which already includes your medal;
  • go for a run on the specified date and run your distance;
  • put a medal on upon crossing your finish line and take a selfie;
  • capture your race results and email them to [email protected], specifying your race number (you will be assigned a number upon registration), the subject line must contain the race title and your distance, for example. “Dream Running Series result, city and distance”.


Entry fee:

Slots Until
Fee for NGO Entry fee price for members of 480 UAH
Entry fee price 580 UAH

Entry fee covers

  • finisher’s medal;
  • participant’s race number with the participant’s name;
  • four pins for the race number;
  • collection of Italian recipes (online);
  • playlist with Italian music (SoundCloud);
  • a bottle of Morshynska Sport water;
  • finisher’s diploma (in case of finishing the distance).



10 km

21 km