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The eleventh stop within our Dream Running Series is Brazil. We invite you to the Rio de Janeiro Run on September 4–5, 2021!

Rio de Janeiro literally means “January river” as according to the legend, Portuguese sailors deviated from the route, came to the territory of Brazil and thought that the Guanabara Bay was a river. Since it happened on January 1, they named the area Rio de Janeiro, ie “January River”. For a long time, Rio was the capital of the Portuguese colony, for 12 years it was the capital of Portugal itself (when the royal family was forced to emigrate to Brazil after Napoleon’s attack). But since 1960, the capital city of Brazil is Brasilia, and Rio is considered the cultural center of the country.

Rio is the capital of carnival and samba, football and delicious coffee. Feel its rhythm at the Rio de Janeiro Run on September 4–5.

Register and use your imagination! We will meet you for our virtual race at the Floriano Peixoto Square.

Remember, our dreams can take us to Rio and beyond.


PLEASE, NOTICE! Participants who are abroad and plan to run the race outside of Ukraine will receive their start packs with a medal within 21 days AFTER the race regardless of their stage of registration. To get the start pack, the participant must email confirmation of their race distance (tracker screenshot or a link to the participant’s personal profile in a tracking program) to [email protected]


How it works:

  • choose your distance ― 10 km or 21 km;
  • register on the website https://onlinerunning.runukraine.org/;
  • receive your start pack which already includes your medal;
  • go for a run on the specified date and run your distance;
  • put a medal on upon crossing your finish line and take a selfie;
  • capture your race results and email them to [email protected], specifying your race number (you will be assigned a number upon registration), the subject line must contain the race title and your distance, for example. “Dream Running Series result, city and distance”.


Entry fee covers

  • finisher’s medal;
  • participant’s race number with the participant’s name;
  • four pins for the race number;
  • collection of Brazilian recipes (online);
  • playlist with Brazilian music (SoundCloud);
  • a bottle of Morshynska Sport water;
  • finisher’s diploma (in case of finishing the distance).




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10 km

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21 km

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