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Running clubs


We invite running clubs to join the RENOVATION RUN 2022 ONLINE. De-occupation and ask them to spread this information in their social networks and chats.

RENOVATION RUN 2022 ONLINE is not the usual online format in which we all ran during the 2020 quarantine. War changes meanings. If during the quarantine running online for a medal was enough to feel like a hero, today it is not enough. Today, each of us can and must create a future for Ukraine as the military does, as volunteers and the whole country do.

The race has an important mission to help rebuild the war-torn cities of Ukraine. We know that together we are a great force, and we are confident that we can handle any task.

70% of the profit from each registration fee will be donated to the volunteer building division “Dobrobat”.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR RUNNING CLUBS: discount on registration if 5 people or more participate.

Special price for participants of running clubs 840 UAH. (the standard cost of the registration fee for one stage is 890 UAH).

We will send the medals of the race finishers to one address of the club’s curator (captain). In this case, registration should be made as a team through the curator (captain) of the club.


You can choose distances of 10 km, 21 km, or free distance. You can take part in the race in any corner of Ukraine and the world.

Choose the stage of the race and the distance and join the renovation of Ukraine!