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Let’s help together: We start a new charity online “Kherson Renovation” race

On the night of June 6, Russian invaders blew up the dam of Kakhovka Hydropower Station. The cities and villages of the Kherson region were flooded, and the volunteers and emergency workers are evacuating people and animals. The scale and consequences of this horrific terrorist attack are hard to grasp.

We cannot remain idle, so the Run Ukraine team joins the effort with the volunteer construction battalion “Dobrobat” and continues the online series of “Restoration” races. This year, we start with the «Kherson Renovation» race. 

The project’s main objective is to help those who suffered in the terrorist attack. When the water recedes, after the initial urgent evacuation and provision of emergency aid, there will be a great need to restore the Kherson region. Reconstruction of damaged buildings, restoration of roads, rebuilding of infrastructure to help people return to their life  — that’s been the mission of Dobrobat since its founding. 

That’s why we need your help now. 

The charity race «Kherson Renovation» will be taking place online, so you can participate no matter your location.

100% of the profits will be transferred to the race’s charity partner, the volunteer construction battalion “Dobrobat,” for the urgent restoration of the villages that suffered after the terrorist attack on the Kakhovka dam.

Let’s help together. We have repeatedly proven that Ukrainians are a strong and resilient nation ready to face any challenge.

In 2022, the Run Ukraine charitable project ” Renovation race  2023 ONLINE” raised 541 630 UAH for the urgent renovation of damaged houses during the war. All raised funds were transferred to the volunteer construction battalion “Dobrobat.” 


Let’s restore Ukraine together! 💙💛